24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Our crew is ready when you need us.  If there’s a tree emergency on your property that is causing damage or putting people in harm’s way- call us.  We’re ready to respond. 

Image of tree falling on a car. This is an example of emergency tree services
Photo of an example of arborist services. Man with three being broken down with a chain saw.

Arborist Services

We provide safe, knowledgeable arborist services. Our team will provide an assessment on the health of the tree and give honest solutions.  We aren’t salesman and we aren’t just tree cutters.  We’re arborists who take pride in meeting your needs, while caring for the land. Services include removal, trimming/pruning, storm protection, and tree assessments. 

Storm and Woody Debris Clean-Up

Storm and wind damage is a headache.  But the clean-up doesn’t have to be. We provide tree and woody debris services for trees that have come down from storms. We also service trees that are unhealthy or dead.  Let us provide the equipment and expertise.

Wildlife Management and Consulting

Wanting a stronger doe population? Bigger fish? Bigger antler sizes, more turkeys? Whether it’s your backyard or a large hunting lease, we provide quality wildlife management advice and planning.  Let us point you in the right direction to keep your wildlife populations strong and healthy for generations to come. 

Chainsaw and Small Engine Work

Offering basic chainsaw and small engine maintenance and repair, as well as chainsaw sharpening. We have the time and knowledge to keep your machines running and cutting strong. Prices start at $10 for sharpening most standard size chains up to 25″. 

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Hog and Predator Nuisance Control

Our expertly trained team are ready for your call. Whether it’s issues with feral hogs destroying your farmland or property or coyotes threatening your livestock, we offer thermal hunting control, trapping, and continued management strategies to help protect your property! Contact us today to help you get rid of any unwanted visitors with our efficient and reliable services.

Stump Grinding

Whether you’re looking to remove a single tree stump or multiple stumps from your property, we can help. We are proud to offer a high-quality, cost-effective solution to meet all your stump grinding needs. Our team always follows the highest safety standards and works quickly and efficiently. We also take extra care to protect your property from damage.
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