CUSTOM SAW SETUP A customer brought in his 500i for upgrading. We added a tank protector, upgraded exhaust, improved air filtration, a longer bar, and upgraded dogs. It left ready to shred some big wood.

Lot Clean up

LOT CLEAN UP Taking down a few small trees can make a big difference. The customer in Deville, LA wanted a couple small trees taken down to improve their view and the look of the

Hazard Pine by a power line

HAZARD PINE BY POWER LINE This was a wounded pine losing basal integrity near a powerline at a customer’s home. We care about families, so when there was a need to take down a pine

Storm Wood Clean up

STORM WOOD CLEAN UP We strive for estimates to turn into solutions for you. This was a trip that was meant to be an estimate for taking down some pines, but instead turned into an

Large Dying Oak

LARGE DYING OAK This oak posed a serious threat to the customer’s home and work vehicle, as well as the utility lines. It had a large amount of basal rot as well as branch rot,

Small Hazard Tree

SMALL HAZARD TREE This small black cherry was causing damage to the roof and cars underneath by dropping limbs, and had a large wound at the base making it a high chance for failure in

Pine right next to a garage

PINE RIGHT NEXT TO A GARAGE The customer had a pine tree overhanging their garage that they had just put a new roof on, and they wanted to protect their shingles from damage. This was